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Discussing future business trends in a connected world

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About EdgeWise

Providing business skills and resources for the connected generation.

We combine essential business and digital skills for future entrepreneurs who wish to succeed in a competitive market. Our programmes are practical and interactive, ensuring that participants experience the reality of starting and running their own business in a digital world.


Developing core digital competencies in order to succeed in the connected world either in an established business or by starting a new entrepreneurial venture.

Entrepreneurial and e-commerce

The market requires an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, ownership and accountability, and a clear understanding of how business operates in a free market.


Achieving career success requires competence. However, excellence comes with how we apply our knowledge and how we engage with others.

Our target group

We seek young people who demonstrate a passion to grow essential competencies and who show a positive attitude to find solutions that will enrich their own lives and the lives of others.

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Our Three-Phase Workflow

Our education to employment three-phase model creates future skilled entrepeneurs who possess a strong work ethic and the self-belief to succeed.

01 //SmartLead >

Grade 9-12 students attend an after-school programme focusing on the ‘world of work’, including self-leadership.

02 // EdgeWise >

Participants who have completed the SmartLead Programme or similar value-adding programmes receive a more intense and focused entrepreneurial, digital marketing and e-commerce competency programme.

03 // Internship

EdgeWise will assist participants to gain valuable experience during a paid internship with continued mentorship support enabling them to make informed decisions on their future career and ensure that they add value to the industry of their choice.

Module One Purpose and Product

Introducing the purpose and value of digital platforms for future opportunities.

Module Two
Your Online Business and Feedback

Setting up a business online and appreciating the value of feedback when pitching your new venture in the market.

Module Three Team Life Cycles and Website Development

Understanding and managing team life cycles while developing the business product and building the website.

Module Four Details and e-Commerce

Maintaining a common purpose while refining the business product and learning the essential tools of e-Commerce and coding.

Module Five Interpersonal

Building effective interpersonal relationships for business success while developing an online marketing campaign.

Module Six Big Data

Gathering essential data for effective digital brand-marketing techniques while tracking, measuring and ensuring implemented solutions are achieved on time and within budget.

Module Seven Compliance

Understanding how compliance and ethical practice are the cornerstones of future growth and the impact social media can have on your brand.

Module Eight Kaizen

Ensuring that continuous improvement is lived in daily practice and that online business presence is tracked and enhanced in real time.

Module Nine Self-Assessment

Understanding how self-assessment and seeking feedback can lead to greater opportunities and continually streamline the business brand’s online language.

Module Ten Strategy

Defining the business strategy and ensuring that the business is trending in the connected world and that your personal brand online presence is effective in heightening exposure.

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